Technamin is a state-of-the-art iGaming and Sports Betting Solution Provider with a clear end goal of actualising our partners’ visions of success.

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Technamin is a team of industry experts with a keen focus on excellence in delivering innovative software solutions and outstanding managed services. We're here to provide our clients with a comprehensive set of iGaming solutions, combining a full cloud-based setup, microservice architecture, and always-on database.

With our redundant and auto-scalable solutions, we keep up and meet the most demanding business needs! Our platform is equipped with a fully-functional Sportsbook, a dynamic Casino, flexible customer management capabilities, gamification engines and multi-functional bonus engine - all of which you can leverage to provide a unique, tailored iGaming experience for each of your customers.

Through Technamin’s platform, you gain access to thousands of events, games, and multiple payment methods worldwide, as our dedicated team of B2B support professionals train and help you in unleashing your full potential as an online gaming business in your market of choice while maintaining a constant competitive edge.

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Why Technamin

We understand the importance of providing your customers with the best experience, and we see our solutions as an integral part of making that happen! Our dedicated team delivers the cutting-edge technology and creative thinking which you need to amp up your business.

Knowing that our clients are competing with confidence while their customers enjoy a safe and high-quality experience motivates us even more to innovate further!


We are creative and innovative

We don’t just solve your problems today; we create solutions that solve them tomorrow. We make sure we’re at least one step ahead of the rest.

We strive to learn constantly

In a rapidly growing industry where new technological solutions are developed daily, we constantly improve and achieve at a higher standard.

We focus on results

We're clear about the end goal – your definition of success feeds into what we seek to achieve as a team.

We encourage self-management

Our team members have all the necessary knowledge and skills to lead projects at various stages and develop solutions that power you to success.

We prioritise transparency

The cornerstone of our work is trust – we earn your trust so that we can provide you with solutions that allow you to maintain the confidence of your customers.

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We drive success for the most ambitious companies in the gaming universe and beyond, in every regulated market. We see ourselves empowering both the biggest companies in the market as well as the most exciting new startups on the scene. Technamin's innovative team develops solutions to meet a variety of needs, so that you can achieve your business goals.

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We unleash your full potential as an online business by developing dynamic, reliable and novel software solutions that provide your customers with an exceptional, fun and safe experience.

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As a team, we focus on results, encourage self-management, strive to learn constantly, are creative and innovative, and prioritise transparency. These values provide the platform that delivers the best solutions so you can provide the ultimate journey for your users. Our values drive our work, and our results ensure your success.


Join our mission in driving success for the most ambitious businesses in the gaming industry and beyond! Let’s raise the bar in taking our clients to the next level, while providing their users with unforgettable experiences that are as fun as they are safe. Tag along with us for this exciting ride!


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