Provide your players with an unparalleled sports betting experience using Technamin's fully-customisable Sportsbook solution!

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Our inclusive sports betting software comes in two versions, in-house and premium - offering a variety of solutions that provide interactive sports betting experiences to all your players. Developed by our in-house product design team, Technamin’s Sportsbook has gone through rigorous design thinking and user testing stages to ensure that players can navigate easily through the product with a robust search functionality and favourite selection tool. The backend of the product is also easily navigable, allowing you to locate each section at the convenience of a click or swipe. Our flexible risk management and special trading tools assure a safe and smooth sports betting process. Let your audience experience faster odds calculation with Technamin’s software for sports betting!

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An Inclusive Sports Betting Software:

  • 80+ Sports

    We trade all the sports including esports and virtual sports. We will make sure it covers the top matches of your country.
  • 40000+ Live Matches

    Live matches are traded with the maximum available markets including fast markets. Our trading tools enable flexible trading of matches depending on region, client segmentation, etc.
  • 35000+ Pre-Match Matches

    Our Pre-Match matches are 24/7 inspected by our traders, providing odd change according to sport analytics and global data.
  • Up to 1500 Markets

    Our market system is organised by special market type groups that will provide fast and accurate market trading.
  • Advanced Esport Games

    We have a wide range of Esport Games including live streaming for each one.

There’s More to Our Sportsbook Software!

  • World Cup 2022 Calendar

  • Sportsbook API Integration

  • In-House Traders and Monitoring Tools

  • Live Score and Statistics

  • Live Widgets

  • Flexible Cashout Functionality

  • Sportsbook Bonus Packages

  • Customisable Sportsbook UI/UX

  • Book a Bet Functionality

  • Bet Download Functionality

  • Bet Print Functionality


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  • 40000+ Live matches
  • 1500+ Markets
  • Fast Markets
  • Flexible trading for each partner

Live Trading Tools

LiveTrading Tools image

Live Trading Tools

  • Flexible limit change according to the partner demand
  • Flexible margin change according to the partner demand
  • Trading templates for different championships and partners for each partner
  • 20+ Mathematical Algorithms for Sports


Reports image


  • Report access for each partner
  • Report by every stage (bets, limits, deposits, etc.)
  • Report analysis and Consulting


Pre-Match image


  • 35000+ matches
  • 1500+ markets
  • Flexible trading for each partner

Live Scores & Statistics

Live Scores & Statistics image

Live Scores & Statistics

  • Live Results
  • Results
  • Statistics

Flexible Bonus System

Flexible Bonus System image

Flexible Bonus System

  • Wagering bonuses
  • Free Bets
  • Registration bonus
  • Bonus for different bets
  • Special bonuses per segments

Risk Management

Risk Management image

Risk Management

  • KYC System for Each Partner's Customers
  • Client Segmentation
  • Special Settings for Each Segment and Client
  • Special Risk Management Tools
  • 24/7 Risk Management Function

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

  • Partner Support
  • Technical support
  • Client support


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The Curacao Gaming license contributes to the iGaming ecosystem, fighting stigmas and helping create a fair and transparent gaming industry. Curacao has the longest track record of any jurisdiction in the iGaming industry. Holding the Curacao Gaming license, Joymatik N.V. offers a safe user experience which protects players from potential negative consequences.



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