A flexible bonus engine with advanced triggering abilities provides Technamin’s partners with the ability to create any type of bonus their customers love.

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Technamin's multi-functional cross-product engine combines sportsbook bonuses, casino bonuses, tournaments, gamification, and live interactive displays. Boost customer engagement throughout all sections of the platform!

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Bonus Engine Key Features:

  • Increasing cross-selling opportunities through flexible cross-product bonus capabilities

    • Creating bonuses including multi-product triggering mechanisms
    • Linking campaigns from different products together
    • Constructing a campaign journey for customers to increase their activity
  • Simplifying the most complex acquisition and retention strategies through our advanced bonus multi-triggering system

    • Creating campaign journeys to increase conversion rates in multiple interaction points
    • Hitting every marketing KPI by creating customised campaigns targeting specific metrics
    • Simplifying the customer experience through our intuitive campaign interactions
  • Creating campaigns with customised eligibility requirements and customised bonuses per your customers’ preferences

    • Treating each customer as a VIP through customised campaign creation functionalities
    • Diving deep into detailed parameters to create tailor-made campaigns specific to your customers’ needs
  • Planning and creating a comprehensive campaign schedule to automate your promotional calendar

    • Automating your marketing campaigns through seamless customer experience
    • Easily populating your brands with daily, weekly, and monthly campaigns for your customers
  • Comprehensive bonus reporting

    • Tracking the performance of your campaigns in real time
    • Calculating ROI and improving your marketing offerings in real time
    • Identifying risky campaigns early to mitigate the risk of losing revenue
  • Creating campaigns specific to the currency, country, and to the risk level of your customers

  • Ability to grant bonuses manually to single players or a list of pre-segmented players

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The Curacao Gaming license contributes to the iGaming ecosystem, fighting stigmas and helping create a fair and transparent gaming industry. Curacao has the longest track record of any jurisdiction in the iGaming industry. Holding the Curacao Gaming license, Joymatik N.V. offers a safe user experience which protects players from potential negative consequences.



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