What COVID-19 Changed In the iGaming Industry


Every industry is susceptible to change, and the iGaming industry is no different. In fact, over the past two years, the industry (as well as every other industry) went through a significant amount of change thanks to a now well-known culprit: the Coronavirus disease, now branded as COVID-19.

The post-COVID reality brought along a lot of changes, and, of course, new trends. Many industries experienced a great deal of shift as a direct result of the global pandemic in 2020. The food, tourism, and transportation industries took a heavy hit, whereas online industries such as online gaming and eCommerce experienced a boom as more and more people stayed inside and opted for online solutions. In fact, the lockdown was part of why Technamin took to constant innovation and developed unique solutions.

In this Technamin blog we are going to focus on the online gaming industry, and the changes it has experienced as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. More Eyes on Screens

Every statistic you look at, points to the fact that more and more people are using their mobile phones every day, and spend more time looking at their devices. What does that mean for the online gaming and betting industry? Well, people don’t look at their phones just to see their reflection!

Gaming companies and software providers can capitalise on this trend to better develop their iGaming solutions for the mobile phone! At Technamin, we have taken a mobile-first approach! In fact, our very own UI/UX designers are now busy creating games and content which are specifically designed to be used on mobile devices.

2. E-Sports Are Becoming Popular

It seems like everything with the letter e in front of it is becoming popular these days! Esports are no different!

If you really wanted to go back in time, you’d see that Esports actually started in the 70’s with teams of people participating in Space Invaders championships!

But recently, Esports are becoming very trendy! There are literally tournaments each year, and
Esports teams are as big as regular sports teams. Sportsbooks are now changing to accommodate the rise of this online gaming category, and our Sportsbook is no different! In fact, we provide the Top Championships of Esports and have made sure to accommodate every category! Technamin’s Sportsbook features can be viewed right here!

3. Responsible Gaming Is In the Spotlight

Have you seen the terms and conditions sections on all gaming and betting websites? Until relatively recently, most of those were unfortunately not enforced as strictly as they should have been by many companies. However, since gambling problems are becoming more common, many gaming and betting companies are taking customer safety very seriously. In a post-COVID world where many countries are still under quarantine, many people tend to resort to gambling and unfortunately, some cross the line.

That’s why the iGaming industry is focusing on combating this issue and advocating for responsible gaming. For example, at Technamin, we take responsible gaming very seriously, and will not let individuals younger than 18 (or the legal age as specified by their country of residence) use our services. We also implement various limit mechanisms which are designed to prevent destructive gambling behaviour. Additionally, we allow players to place limits on themselves, as well as self-exclude whenever needed. Upholding responsible gaming is surely an aspect of the iGaming industry which will continue well into the coming years.

More to Come

These are just some of the changes we are noticing in the gaming and betting industry. Obviously, there’s more! And we at Technamin are evolving alongside the industry! Wait for more new changes in the sequel to this blog. We are always one step ahead of the industry and will keep you updated on the latest trends that come along!
Meanwhile, you can check out our blog section for more information on Technamin, and the iGaming industry!

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