Where in the World?! Gambling Across the (Regulated) Planet


Where in the World?! Gambling Across the (Regulated) Planet


Didn’t think that gambling was limited to just one place, did you? Over the past two decades, owing especially to the advent of the internet and iGaming, gambling has become somewhat of a global phenomenon. The growth of gaming industry trends is unprecedented! In this Technamin blog, we’ll be focusing on countries where gambling is legal online, as we ourselves help operators set up their iGaming operations. Even though online gambling is still not regulated in certain countries, it remains one of the most popular past-time activities. 

For those who are gaming investors and are keen on starting online gaming businesses, it’s important to know which countries have the highest concentration of online gambling enthusiasts. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this listicle of the biggest gambling countries out there in the regulated market, when it comes to iGaming. 


The US


Hard to imagine gambling without that 50’s aesthetic, Benjamin Franklin’s face, Elvis, and bright neon lights, right? The first place people think of when they hear the word “gamble” is inarguably Las Vegas. The Nevada jewel is often referred to as the Gambling Capital of the World and you can find the A-Z of gambling there, including online gambling. Even though online casinos are still not regulated in Nevada, most land-based casinos offer their own online variants. 

Other than Nevada, states like Delaware, West Virginia, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey have fully opened themselves to legal online gaming, while California and Indiana are some of the states currently looking to legalise the activity. Aside from the US, there’s another English-speaking country which outshines both Las Vegas and the United States when it comes to online gambling, and that country is – wait for it: 


The UK


That’s right! The iGaming sector in the UK is one the biggest in the country, reaching billion-pound revenue numbers! In fact, games of chance and skill games are so popular there, the country has its own National Lottery! Think about that! 

Online gambling is completely legal in the United Kingdom, which incidentally is also home to ICE London, the biggest gaming-related event in the world. The 2023 edition will take place in February, by the way, and Technamin will be exhibiting!




One shouldn’t be surprised that the second-largest country in the world by total area has an active gambling scene, let alone online gaming! That being said, things are a bit complex on this side of the planet. You see, even though the first Canadian online casino dates back to 1994, the Canadian government has only recently been active in regulating the activity in the country. In 2020, the iGaming market was established in Canada which helps with registering online gaming businesses. With the help of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, online gambling is permitted in the Great White North! 

As long as these casinos don’t market their services in Canada or run any of them from there, gamblers are permitted to wager at offshore online casinos and sports betting sites. This makes Canada an appropriate market to tap into with your iGaming business. 




This entry on our list may seem a bit paradoxical. While online gambling is permitted in Australia, things work a bit differently here. For example, if you want to engage in online sports betting here, you can only do it via a bookmaker which holds an Australian licence. The “Interactive Gambling Act” in Australia bans online gaming operators in the country from “intentionally supplying an interactive gambling service to customers located in Australia.” As a result, online casinos are illegal in Australia. But that’s OK, because just like Canada, Australians can engage in online casino games on websites based outside of Australia as long as the website permits them to. 

Another interesting fact about the Australian gambling industry is that here, the winnings are not taxed. That’s because in Australia, people view the act of gambling as a hobby, not an actual job. Instead, the government collects taxes from operators. Now, one might think that all of these restrictions would amount to less iGaming enthusiasts. But that’s not the case! Australia boasts a world record in the number of gamblers per capita.




It’s no surprise that iGaming is big in Curaçao! Has been since the early 1900’s! Online gaming has been legal there since 1993. After all, this is where the Curaçao licence comes from! In fact, most online gaming businesses are licensed here, including Technamin. While we’re on the subject: if you’re an iGaming business wishing to get a Curaçao licence, we can help you with the process!


An Ever-Growing Popularity


These were just some of the countries where online gaming is popular, and which operators who are focused on regulated marketplaces should think about targeting. As you can see, while we type terms like “where is gambling legal” and “where is gambling illegal” in search engines, this centuries-old activity is growing in popularity, with more and more countries passing regulations which legalise online gambling (especially following the sharp increase during COVID-19). 

It’s important to conduct a ton of market research and seek out consulting services prior to setting up your iGaming business in order to make sure that you are targeting the right audience with the right products and solutions. These may differ from region to region. That’s what we at Technamin are here to do! Utilising our innovative offerings, you can quickly set up your iGaming business, brand it to your specifications, gain an advantage in the industry and hit success! All you have to do is contact us today, and we’ll get the ball rolling! 

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