The Art of Player Engagement: Bonus Engine and Gamification in iGaming


The Art of Player Engagement: Bonus Engine and Gamification in iGaming

“Gamification” and “bonus engine” are terms that are tossed around a lot when it comes to the iGaming industry. All the best games, including the ones we offer via Technamin’s casino, come equipped with gamification and bonus engines. But what exactly is gamification and what is a bonus engine? How are they used in the context of online gaming? And why do operators need them?

Well, let’s see!


Follow the Breadcrumbs


Remember the Hansel and Gretel fairytale where Hansel leaves a trail of breadcrumbs that can be followed to a specific destination? That is a classic depiction of gamification. In short, gamification is a series of strategies that engage players and motivate them to play more in order to achieve a sort of prize or level-up. Gamification in iGaming is used to increase player engagement, retention, and loyalty. If you’ve ever played a game that made you want to keep pushing, then that game was equipped with top-notch gamification. 

“So what’s a bonus engine?”

A bonus engine is basically a tool which is used to create various types of bonuses that are aimed at increasing customer engagement and loyalty. 


Life’s More Fun with Bonuses


Imagine playing our writers’ favourite video game: Super Mario Bros. But something doesn’t feel right. The scenery is the same. The music is the same. There are no new boss fights, no new levels, no magic mushrooms. Would you continue playing? Probably not.

Now imagine a casino game that does not have bonuses, level-ups, points, or any indication that the player is progressing from where they first started. The chances of that player interacting with the game for too long are very slim because there is no sense of motivation. That’s where we turn to gamification and bonus engines. 

Using various techniques, gamification motivates the player to keep playing in exchange for greater rewards, which come in different forms. Chances are that you’ve come across these rewards when playing online casino games, mostly in the form of bonuses. These are created using a bonus engine. 

Continue reading to discover some common gamification techniques, as well as the most common bonuses offered on online casinos! (See what we did there? Gamification!)


Always Reaching for the Skies


Human beings have a natural tendency to compete. And this tendency is what drives them forward. The same principle applies to online gaming and one of the main gamification techniques which makes use of this is leaderboards.

Leaderboards are a great way to boost customer interaction and retention. They are simple to create yet are so effective. Players can see a list of other players who are on top, and thus naturally compete to be on top of the leaderboard, interacting further with your product. 


A Good Story Goes a Long Way


Referring back to the Hansel and Gretel fairytale, you can clearly see that we are attracted to stories and like to keep reading to find out what happens at the end. You can take the same concept and use it as online gamification by offering your customers games that come with specific storylines. These games prompt the players to keep unlocking new levels in order to resolve the narrative of the game. Many of the games from top-tier providers which we offer as part of our casino product come equipped with narratives, boosting customer engagement.  


The Welcome Bonus


Sounds familiar? It should! This is probably the most well-known of all bonuses. Players automatically expect this bonus when they sign up on your website for the first time. This is also why the welcome bonus is a great tool for acquiring new players. The more exciting your welcome bonus packages, the more likely you are to attract players to your online gaming business. First deposit bonuses and freespins are some of the most popular welcome bonuses.  

If you wish to attract even more new players to your online casino, you can also offer them a “no deposit” bonus, which is essentially the same as a welcome bonus, except players don’t need to make any deposits to earn a bonus. All they need to do is register on your website!


Bonuses for Loyal Customers


Aside from the new players you are trying to attract to your website, you also need to keep your loyal customers engaged.  And luckily, you can do so using bonuses which are designed specifically for this segment. All casino games consist of levels, and loyal customers tend to keep playing in order to unlock new levels. Offering them bonuses per each level they reach is a great way to keep them engaged.

There are also games which are mission-based. You can set up special bonuses which customers can get when they complete a mission in the respective game. 


Reciprocity in the Shape of a Bonus

Casinos encourage their players to refer the casino or a select game from a casino to their friends. In order to appreciate that, you can offer your players referral bonuses. While this is not exactly gamification and is not very common, it is still a great technique to boost not only customer acquisition, but also customer retention. Your players will continue playing because of the bonuses you offered them for referring their friends, and their friends will be engaged with your casino because of – you guessed it – the welcome and first deposit bonuses you offer them when they first join your website.

As you can see, online gamification and bonus engines are important when building your iGaming business. A good bonus engine can increase cross-selling capabilities and simplify the most complex customer acquisition and retention strategies whether it’s done through creating campaign journeys, customised campaigns which target specific metrics, or just simplifying customer experience through creative campaigns. Incidentally, all of these and more can be done via Technamin’s Bonus Engine.

In terms of gamification and gamification casinos, we believe that they are truly an inseparable part of the whole gaming experience. As our industry begins to evolve, so must operators and providers. Players are becoming more demanding, and player engagement is becoming an art form on its own which we must master. A new era is on its way, and all of us are excited to see how it will unfold!


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