Launching an Online Casino in 2022: New Year, New Opportunities


After the rollercoaster ride that was 2021, we are finally beginning to see the glimpses of the new year around the corner. With 2022 signaling a fresh start for budding entrepreneurs to enter the business sector, many are turning to the online gaming and casino industry.

There are different reasons behind why this sector is so popular, and we’ll go over them in this Technamin blog.

First off, it’s…

A Booming Industry

The online gaming and betting industry was among one of the most profitable industries in both 2021 and 2020, owing its success in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. The widespread lockdowns resulted in a significant amount of change, forcing people indoors and turning to online solutions of every kind, especially gaming and betting. With the physical locations shutting down, online casinos experienced an unprecedented level of success which has been continuing ever since. To find out how you can start an iGaming business from scratch, read this blog right here.

Value expectations for this industry are estimated to be over 300 billion dollars by the end of 2026, a number which signals a compound annual growth rate of more than 9 percent in the time-frame of 2021 – 2026. For both entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans alike, these are very attractive statistics. Moreover, research shows that the success of this industry is not about to stop.

Perfect Investment Opportunities

With a sphere as exciting as iGaming, many investors are willing to chip in and support new ventures. This is particularly good news for outside-the-box thinkers who are adding their own flair to things. Start-ups in the iGaming industry who are tech-focused and use the latest technology are more open to investments compared to regular iGaming companies. The infusion of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, AI, virtual and augmented reality technology, and eSports with traditional online casinos is almost guaranteed to get your platform noticed by potential investors.

Safety Equals Scalability

With an increase in popularity, safety regulations have also come into the spotlight more than ever in iGaming. It is now paramount for companies to ensure that players are provided with thrilling experiences that are secure at the same time. Technology is also playing a key role in this, as machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence are utilised to both encourage responsible gaming and offer customised experiences to each player.

With operators being actively involved in upholding responsible gaming and relevant regulations, more players are joining the online gaming community which in turn leads to more revenue being generated.

Expanding Maps

Do you remember how we used to unlock new “worlds” in strategic games and expand our territory? Something similar is happening in iGaming. As the industry progresses, more and more markets are opening up for potential investment opportunities. Countries where online gambling and casinos were not regulated are now passing legislation and are in the process of regulating iGaming, which signifies only one thing: massive untapped markets are ripe for new business opportunities.

As you can see, all the arrows are pointing towards launching an online casino in 2022, especially if your solution is innovative enough to catch eyes and turn heads. If you have decided to kickstart your online casino, but are wondering how, just contact us at Technamin! We are the ultimate iGaming provider whom you need to get your venture going in the online casino and gaming industry. From our Technamin Casino solution, to the all-encompassing Technamin Player Account Management (PAM) system, we offer every tool in the iGaming toolbox! Drop us a call, and let’s make your dream online casino a reality!

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