Online Gambling Website Development: A Crash Course in iGaming


There are about 50 billion – yes, you’re reading that right – indexed web-pages floating around the web. If you’ve made your way to this one, then it can only mean one thing: you want to know how to start a gambling website and you most likely don’t know where to begin. No need to get tinsels in a triangle, as we at Technamin are here to help!

You’ve already taken the most important step by choosing to set foot in an industry that’s worth its weight in gold. That being said, starting an iGaming website on your own, especially if you’re a new kid on the block, can be a bit of an uphill climb. However, with the right help and consultation, you’ll not only start off strong, but also hit the ground running with a competitive edge. That’s why we’ve prepared this crash course! Before we dig deep into this, let’s briefly go over a more straightforward question:


What is an iGaming Website?


Complex in its own simplicity, this is a question which you need to answer before you even start taking the first step. Once you understand what an iGaming website is, then you’ll have a clearer mental picture of where you want your business to go. 

An iGaming or online gambling website is a platform where bettors can log in, make deposits using some form of currency, and engage in betting activities involving sports, casino games, slots, and even the outcome of presidential elections and the Oscars! From the get-go, you can get a sense of how complex such a website can be. Just the fact that a payment method is integrated is a clear indicator of something more than just “a place to bet.” Consider an iGaming website a microcosm of different sections and processes that work in unison to provide a great and secure online betting experience for the end user.


OK, What’s the First Step?


Well, that depends on you and the vision you have for your online gaming business! Which markets are you looking at, and which demographic of people? Do you want an iGaming website which only offers online casino games? Or are you looking into an online sports betting business? Maybe you want to offer the whole package! Are you looking for a ready-made solution or a website which you’ll have more control over? We cover this in detail in another blog, by the way. Depending on what you choose, the process will be different. 

As industry experts, we at Technamin recommend having a clear understanding of where you want to go with your gambling website before taking further steps. Another important aspect in the initial stage is to set a budget for yourself. Trust us, running an online gaming operation as a one-man army can be draining both mentally and financially – unless you have a large capital to invest. You’ll need an entire team to get you there. You can either put together an in-house team of your own – which will allow you to pull all the strings at a higher cost – or you can have an outside team lay down the law while you keep tabs on them here and there. Irrespective of what you choose to do, every phase of the business, starting from website development to licensing, will require some form of budgeting. If you’re in a budget crunch and want to do things in-house, start with a small team and scale as you go. However, tapping in someone who has prior experience in setting up gambling websites from scratch and the resources to boost you from the get-go, can work wonders for your gambling business. This brings us to…


Step 2: Contact a Legit iGaming Provider


If what you’re looking for is an online gambling website, then that makes you an operator. And as an entrant operator, no one can help you scale better than an iGaming provider. They will provide you with a B2B platform that acts as the basis for your gambling website. This is perfect for start-ups, as it’s very time-saving, not to mention easier on the budget.  A word of caution, though! Make sure the iGaming provider you choose has been around the block and has the portfolio to show for it. If you pick a provider that’s green as grass, it’ll do you more harm than good.

“How do I pick the right provider?” you ask? Easy! Look for some of the following indicators:

  • An experienced provider will have a large number of success stories under their belt.
  • They will most likely be led by a team of industry experts. Research the management and check out their work experience.
  • They will be licensed. iGaming providers who do not hold licences are most likely new to the playing field. 
  • They will have a proven track record of working with reputable companies. 

Once you’ve planned out your budget and picked your iGaming provider of choice, it’s time to take things up a notch:


Step 3: Get Licensed


A gaming licence will add more legitimacy to your online gambling website and amount to a positive reputation in a marketplace where shady betting websites are dime a dozen. If you’re doing everything in-house, then you need to carry out the licensing process yourself. But, if you’re working with an iGaming provider, then they will provide you with a sub-license which you can use for your business. Pro-tip: study the licence thoroughly with your provider and make sure it fits your needs and the marketplaces you want to target. You might require different licences for each product (casino, sportsbooks, etc.) whereas a joint licence might also do the trick. Again, keep this step in consideration when carrying out your budget strategies. iGaming providers such as us at Technamin can help you with licensing, as we ourselves hold the Curacao gaming licence. 

Another aspect you need to consider is responsible gaming and safer gambling. Work together with your provider to ensure that your gambling website is mindful of its bettors and has protocols in place that fight against gambling problems such as addiction, underage gambling, fraud, and so on. 

After all that’s taken care of, turn your attention to…


Step 4: Create a Gambling Website


Ah, yes! The most popular part of “how to start a gambling website” articles! And to be honest, for good reason. After all, even if you do all the marketing right (which we’ll talk about later), your business won’t fly if your website doesn’t function properly. And even if your website functions properly, which it should, it won’t amount to high levels of success if the end user isn’t comfortable with using it.

So how do you go about creating the gambling website?

  • Choose the branding: Make sure your business is covered in terms of branding. The design department of your iGaming provider can come up with a brandbook for your business that’ll include your logo, colours, graphic elements, patterns and the whole nine yards. All of these will go on your website to make it distinguishable in the eyes of your target audience. Great branding goes a long way!
  • Design the template: Again, a provider will come to the rescue with this one because they will have templates for you to choose from. You can then ask them to tweak the template based on your specifications. 
  • Test it for functionality: Your website should not only run properly (which it will, thanks to the technical support of your provider), but also be easy to use and navigate. This is where a product design team comes in. They’ll take the website through various user testing stages and make sure it’s responsive for any user that interacts with it.
  • Load it with content: OK, great! You aced the branding, the template is all set, and everything functions well. But, where’s the content? A website without content is like a car without wheels. It simply won’t run. It’s time to load with exciting and appealing casino games, sports matches, and the links. Ta-da, it’s ready to roll! “Wait, where do I get the content?” Knock-knock, your provider’s here with a large selection of vendors to choose from!
  • Figure out payments: You’re almost there with your website! But not quite. A gambling website requires payment methods that bettors can use to deposit and withdraw money. The more flexible your payment gateway, the more appealing your iGaming business becomes. Make sure bettors can pay using as many methods as possible, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and of course, cryptocurrencies! Ask your provider for a payment gateway that is as inclusive as possible when it comes to different payment methods.
  • Make everything secure: We can’t stress this enough! An iGaming website where bettors make transactions and submit verification documents must be safe and secure at all times. Talk to your provider to ensure that all the information and payments on your website are always kept under lock and key.


Step 4: Marketing, Baby!


At this point, the website is done. You have a unique-looking brand, a cool website design that’s UI/UX-optimised, and includes thousands of awesome games and sports matches. Payment systems are a go. 

But, where’s your audience?

They’re out there, trust us! You just need to reach them through clear-cut marketing strategies and campaigns both before and after the website is launched. You need to build hype and keep the momentum going! There are different ways of doing so.

  • First of all, make sure your website is SEO friendly. This includes both on-site and off-site SEO. Those keywords matter, and so does a digital marketing team. They will make sure that your website ranks in search engines like Google and gets noticed by your target audience. But that’s not all…
  • Go on social media and promote your website as much as you can. Run ads and get the message out there! Again, a digital marketing specialist comes handy, and providers usually have one or two on their team! A tip we can give you is to monitor your advertising budget. If neglected, it can be financially draining. 
  • If you have extra money to burn, throw it at printed advertisements. Get in industry magazines, distribute flyers and booklets, and even invest in billboard advertising if you can. Again, be mindful and make sure you are compliant with advertisement regulations at all times. Ethical advertising is a must!
  • A lot of income in iGaming is generated through affiliate marketing, so make sure to grow in a way that can later reel in affiliates toward your website.
  • As your brand grows and becomes more profitable, consider showcasing it at industry expos and events for some good old-fashioned in-person marketing! 

A professional iGaming provider will help your business marketing-wise, and you can also do it yourself while they take care of the technical aspects of your website. 


Step 5: Treat Your Users!


An online gambling website that doesn’t offer perks to its users is like a rock band playing out of tune at a concert! The audience will get tired, and leave after throwing rotten tomatoes at the musicians! You don’t want to be in those shoes, do you? 

When we say “treat your users,” it can be done in various ways:

  • Offer them multiple bonuses and tournaments: Bonuses, tournaments, promotions and everything in the same vein can attract users to your gambling website and keep them entertained so they stay engaged with your operation. Providers will often offer gamification tools and segmentation in order to facilitate this process. 
  • Offer top-notch customer service: Problems and questions are inseparable from any industry! Users are bound to have both, and it’s your job to ensure that there’s 24/7 customer support to answer their questions and solve their problems. The better you handle this aspect of your business, the more attractive it will become to bettors. 

There are tons of “how to start a gambling business online” articles and blogs out there, and we tried our best to give you a complete crash course in setting up your online gambling business. As you can see, it’s a rather complex and multifaceted process that needs to be handled with attention to detail. If you ever find yourself needing even more advice and consultation on how to start an online casino or sports betting website, you know where to find us!


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