Technamin Across 2022: A Triumphant Year


Ah, it’s the time of year again to sit down, cozy up with a cup of tea, coffee, or something stronger (but not at work!), and reminisce about our accomplishments as a team during the past year.

Let’s take a walk down the 2022 memory lane, shall we?


We’re a much bigger team!


Even though we’ve been around since 2020, we hit our 100 employee mark in 2022! That means we grew at an unprecedented pace, which surprised even ourselves! In fact, over the course of just one year, our team has increased from 80 to 150 employees, and we keep scaling as we go!


We made our first appearance overseas!


After more than a year of anticipation, Technamin finally made its first appearance at ICE London 2022, where we had our own custom stand and showcased our products. The reception we got was very positive, and we are eagerly waiting for ICE London 2023! This would also be a good time to appreciate our team’s hard work in supporting our delegates while they were in the UK!


We celebrated our first anniversary!


Yep, this was definitely one of the highlights! We celebrated our first anniversary in style and it was amazing to see how far we’ve come as a team, and how fast we’re growing in numbers. It was a great event featuring speeches by our founder and CEO Suren Khachatryan, as well as the heads of each department who provided valuable insight and tons of fun facts about Technamin.


…And the events kept coming!


Following ICE London, we also attended 9 prestigious industry events spanning nine countries. In a bigger perspective, Technamin was present in 3 continents throughout the year, which helped us broaden our network, reach and insight into different marketplaces. These were events such as PGS, SAGSE Miami, SBC Summit Barcelona, G2E Vegas, SBC Summit Latinoamérica, SiGMA Europe and more!


We shared our knowledge consistently!


Aside from attending these events as delegates, we also contributed our knowledge and insight to the industry. Suren was included as part of judging panels in multiple reputable awards such as the SBC Awards and the SiGMA European Awards while both himself and other Technamin C-level executives, such as Head of Operations Garen Mouradian, Head of Compliance Nora Galstyan, and CSO Matt Sahakian appeared as guest panelists in multiple expos.


Aside from these in-person appearances, we also contributed to more than 20 roundtables, interviews, and podcasts in numerous established publications. 


We made a lot of new friends!


2022 saw us ink partnership deals with many top-tier suppliers such as BetGames, EventBet Gaming, TVBet, Pragmatic Play, 3 Oaks, and Pragmatic Play to name a few. It has been an incredible experience working with all of them, which allows us to offer operators thousands of casino games and sports matches. After all, we’re here to be the ultimate iGaming solution and help operators provide amazing betting journeys for their players!


Our products were revamped!


We love innovation, and we love going the extra mile! That’s why sitting on the same products with the same features is a no-go for us at Technmain. Thanks to the dedication, hard work and ingenuity of our team, we managed to revamp our products and solutions even further in 2022. This is a process that will never stop! Among the latest updates are the ability to integrate our sportsbook via API, and allowing end users to make deposits and withdrawals using their crypto currencies of choice. There are more updates along the way!


Most important of all, we had fun doing all of this!


Having a fun yet professional culture is a top priority for us at Technamin. This is why we had a blast while working hard on perfecting our products and solutions! From cooperative parties in the heart of nature, to turning October into OctoBEER and gathering to watch the World Cup 2022 final together, we definitely had a ton of fun in 2022!


Onwards and upwards!


Technamin has been able to expand beyond expectations and deliver redundant, auto-scalable solutions, as well as its excellent managed services, at breakneck speeds thanks to our entirely cloud-based setup, microservice architecture, and always-on database. This has shown to be especially helpful for business owners in a constantly changing industry that serves a clientele with higher expectations.

We have been able to do all of this thanks to the efforts and dedication of the Technamin team! Without them, and without the encouragement and infectious energy of our CEO and C-level executives, none of this would have been possible.

We have set sights on new milestones which we would like to achieve in 2023, and can’t wait for an exciting year ahead! 


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